Dear Parents, You’re requested to kindly check the Video Lessons & Other content routinely , We’ll add new content every 2-3 days for students

In case of any problems, Contact 92050-54451 08:30 am to 02:30 pm.

Dear Parents, Kindly click on the link of new session class of your ward & make your ward study video lessons provided. Video Lessons are being updated for each class routinely. 
Kindly take prints of  worksheets which are provided along with video lessons , Students will solve them. If taking prints is not possible then students will solve the same in plain A4 Sheets, These will be submitted to class teacher & pasted in their Notebooks when School opens 

Regarding Practice Worksheets :- Students will solve practice worksheets of new class in which they have come this year  (example-  student who is in Class 2nd now , Will solve practice worksheets of class 2nd itself, These practice worksheets are made on the basis of what has been already taught in previous class ).

Worksheets that are provided with Video lessons also have to be solved by students on Plain A4 sheets/a notebook can be made from old notebook with leftover pages. These will be submitted to Teachers after school opens.